Awakening - Éirú - The Irish Goddess Natural Candle by The Dingle Druid

Awakening - Éirú - The Irish Goddess Natural Candle by The Dingle Druid

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The star of the show for me in the March 2024 MyIrelandBox (and believe me it was a toss between this, the sheep and the hat) is this absolutely gorgeous candle that was handmade by Juli malone in her little workshop that is adjacent to her cottage, nestled in the countryside here in Dingle.

Juli is a truly inspiring person who reminds me so much of the goddess Ériu herself. She is the person who is truly connected with nature of Ireland and Ireland’s history, folklore and ancient times.

II knew that it was time for the scent of Ireland within your home especially for St Patrick’s Day, but I need something really special. Not just your typical candle with those fragrances that are not usually natural. I also needed the spirit of Ireland to emit from the candle when it was lit. I needed it made by a spiritual person, and also one who understood the meaning of a ‘ natural candle’. So there are no toxins within this. It is made from only natural ingredients. 100% natural wax using essential oils and a sustainably sourced cotton wick.

Made especially for MyIrelandBox, no one else will have this candle other than your fellow MyIrelandBox members & store shoppers!

What Juli says about her candle:

’Eiriú the Irish goddess came calling when I was asked by Katharine to create a bespoke candle for the St Patrick’s day ☘️ my Ireland box. Each one has been hand crafted and poured in my workshop overlooking Dingle harbour. 

Made from the finest plant based soy wax and only pure essential oils from the May Chang plant / Litsea Cubeba is known  as the happy oil. It holds a lemon aroma with fruity undertones, similar to lemongrass, making it a light refreshing choice for the rising cleansing energy of Spring. May chang oil is extracted by steam distillation form the fruits of the Litsea also called Mountain or Chinese  pepper. 
It is a wonderful oil to lift the spirit and clear dark clouds of depression, anxiety and fear.
Bringing light from the darkness of Winter, lifting moods, creating emotional balance. 
Hence I felt its call to be included in this very special candle. 
Eiriú along with her sisters Banba and Fódla are know as the Sovereignty Goddesses. Ireland in Irish is called  Éire after Eiriú. She is the deity of the land and personification of Ireland. Hailing  from Ireland’s  mythical race of the Tuatha Dé Dannan. 
St Patrick’s day falls on March 17th, Patrick is hailed with bringing Christianity to Ireland. 
March 20th in Ireland is also  Spring  Equinox . . A time of balance.
Calling us to balance within our feminine side of intuition and masculine side of action. What a gift as the Sun rises a little higher each day. We bless the seeds for the coming harvest to be planted in the flower and veg beds fertilised with the ashes from our Imbolc/ St Brigid’s  Fire ceremony. 
With lengthening days, Spring is a time of renewal, we bless and sow seeds held within them the whispers of our dreams. 
Equinox is all about balance, inhale and exhale, dark and light, giving and receiving, restoring balance to self and all around us. It's mid point of our 3 fertility festivals Imbolc to Bealtaine which then  celebrates the fullness and beginning of Summer. 
The goddess Eostre/ Ostara  is celebrated also at this time, a name rooted in the female hormone oestrogen. The goddess is symbolised by eggs giving new life and rebirth. The dark of the year is past now,  we welcome the length of the days, the light gets stronger, the sun higher and we bless our seeds today and then we plant them using the ashes of the St Brigit's day fire to spread on the land for fertility and protection, we nurture them and watch them grow with delight...... Spring energy awakens  within ourselves to Spring clean & cleanse. Time to plan what seeds or thoughts & projects we want to give birth to, nurture with the rising energy of Mother Nature. 
The birds & bees 🐝 are so busy preparing as we move from bud to leaf energy. What  growth do you look forward to? What thoughts like seeds have been incubating and germinating within you, will you nurture them to make this your best year ever, what balance do you need to activate Spring Equinox?  
Light your candle to awaken within you that which you want to birth, the wheel of the year keeps on turning . Eiriű goddess of sovereignty is associated with the abundance of the land , when you light your candle may it awaken within you the manifestation of your dreams, blessed with abundance flowing with ease.  
I hope you enjoy this candle as much as I did creating it especially for you. May it encourage you to shine your own light as a sovereign beacon just like Éiriú. 
Grá mór , with love ❤️ Juli/ The Dingle Druid.”